Parnell was founded by Dave Baik, who had struggled with skin allergies. When he had severely injured his hand by slitting it with a knife in New Zealand, through the Manuka honey and Centella Asiatica his co-worker had given him, he saw that the wound healed fast. Through this experience, he realized the power of nature when it comes to healing.

As he expanded his research on natural ingredients found not just in New Zealand but across the world, Parnell was born. And he, himself, founded three fundamental policies for the company.


Firstly, Instead of focusing on adding good ingredients, We focus on removing unnecessary ingredients.
And fill the absence of unnecessary ingredients with activating agents that can actually help the skin.


Secondly, For the environment, we only use FSC accredited paper. FSC is an organization that establishes the international standards to protect the ecology and forest resources of the world from illegal acts such as illegal logging.
FSC ensures the whole process of the creation of the product, from start to finish, has been authorized for products derived from the forest


Thirdly, We do not test on animals. Every year, many animals are harmed during animal testing.
Parnel opposes testing on animals in order to prevent animal testing from becoming normalized.